Queeristan: sexual spaces dialogue

Increasing accessibility for ourselves:

Queerupting sexual spaces – integration or separation?

Took place on Friday May 31st
17:00 till 18:30 @ De Valreep, tent.

The-Great-DialogueJiro Ghianni, old school genderqueer, transguy and sexpositive activist had a question to all queer identified people (and others): do we need to create our own spaces and/or is it possible to bring queerness into heteronormative/ homonormative spaces? If so, how do we do this without making ourselves tired of the power struggle? How can we prepare the outsider for transgender bodies? And/or differently abled bodies? How to spread knowledge and awareness to gay cruising bars about transmen? How to discuss with heterosexual people without making them feel like you’re being judgmental? Should we create our own Shortbus or can we integrate into one place, change it from the inside and make it there?
Ofcourse there are already mixed mainstream sexual spaces, pansexual efforts and mixed BDSM playparties in the Netherlands where supposedly gay and queer and trans people are welcome. But the fact that you ARE welcome does not necessarily mean you will FEEL welcome. Jiro would love to gather some people who are interested in creating a queer sexy/play space.
This dialogue was mainly aimed at hearing everyones’ different experiences, ideas on kind, long term strategies and good practices. A side goal, could have been to actually pick and queerupt a sexual space (but this did not happen) or found our own group of pervy queers (we might be able to do that after the sunday sex party). Any tips on opening up accessibility for all diversities is still welcome!

During this dialogue all people present got a piece of paper with these questions (soon your content will be online in some form, wait for it…):
1a. I have a good example of this specific great (queer/transfriendly) thing at a sex/cruising/play party/space:
1b. I liked it because…:
2a. I have another example of this specific great (queer/transfriendly) thing at a sex/cruising/play party/space:
2b. I liked it because it made me feel…:
3a. I wish, I wish, I wish (or I know someone else who would really) like this to happen in future:
4a. I really wish this would not happen anymore:
4b. I don’t like … because (it makes me feel…):
5. I just want to say this random thing here,
or I would just really like to draw a picture of a cute animal:

The dialogue was led by Jiro and was not aimed to lead to consensus, so it was NOT a debate. This dialogue was simply aimed at exchanging different personal experiences and examples. No discussion here on who is ‘really’ queer and who is not.
Time spent: 1.5-2.0 hours
Future plans: will be announced on this website.

More info on the Fetlife event here.

More info: www.queeristan.org
About Jiro.

“Kunnen bestaande seksplekken queerder gemaakt worden?”


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