The Blacklist has hipsters in it

hipster-dogI started the Golden List with transfriendly places a couple of years ago. About once every year I had to go back and update it, but this year I’ve found myself having to go back to it much more often. Not because , one would hope, there might be an increase of venues but actually because of the rapid disappearance of free zones.
And there is another trend: hipsters.
I am not against ‘hip’ people as a group, such negativity itself is now the trend and this one has anti-art and anti-intellectual characteristics that I think are very suspicious. What I definately don’t like however is the disappearance of squats and their replacement with hip venues that abuse the squatting and ‘Berlin’ aesthetics but sell coffee for 8 euros.

I have now finally extended and updated the BLACKLIST with examples of places that seem nice and creatively playful on first sight, but on closer look it turns out their ‘alternative’ outer shell is only skin deep, while serving a questionable crowd.
All the venues that I’ve put on the list so far are in Amsterdam but their style (and pricing) is spreading to the rest of the country. It’s a trend to ‘look-cheap-and-messy-yet-serve-super-expensive-junk-on-wooden-crates’. I think it’s fair to say this is not queerfriendly and it marginalizes economically precarious trans people even more.

With this update the following venues/parties got deleted: Apollo, Bordó, DV8, Farfalle, Fruitcake, The Mighty Aphrodite Show, Night Creatures, Slangenpand squat, Transfusion festival, V-spot, Valreep squat (voormalig dierenasiel). They’ve all gone defunct.

In other news:

Transgendergroep Nijmegen has recently put up a list with transgender initiatives in the Netherlands. Many of these are places you cannot go to physically, so I’m not putting them on my list :-)
As always: if you know of any other transfriendly events in the Netherlands, please let me know!


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